Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Hoot book review

Today is Wednesday, March 26, 2014. We just completed another novel, Hoot. The protagonist in the book is Roy (the new kid to trace middle school) I know Roy is the protagonist because he is in every problem. The antagonist is the man who runs the Mother Paula's because there are baby burrowing owls and they are protected by the state. The conflict in the story is Mother Paula's is trying to build a pancake house over the burrowing owl dens. The resolution of hoot was when Roy gave the reporter the Mother Paula's file but the E.I.S was not in there wich means the property was not checked so the law did not know the owls where there so they where shut down. 

My three favorite parts of the book where when Beatrice ( mullet finger's sister ) and mullet fingers ( the real vandal, no one knows his name so everyone calls him mullet fingers) keep calling Roy tex because Roy told the nurse mullet finger's name was Roy so he would make him better, mullet fingers did not want any one to know he was in Florida. I liked it when Roy tricked Dana ( the bully ) into thinking there was golden gladiators where on the Mother Paula's property so the police would catch Dana and think he was the vandal.  My favorite part of the book was when Roy said to him self "mullet fingers could not catch a mullet with his bare hands", and right then he heard a giggle but when he went to put his shoes on, there was a baby mullet in his shoe. 

Also the things I hated in the book was when Lonna (mullet finger's mom ) told the police that mullet fingers stole her toe ring because lonna does not want him she thinks that he might drive her new husband away. I didn't like when lonna was acting like she was proud of her son so she could be on t.v
I didnt like that Roy didn't know where mullet fingers was hiding and Beatrice wouldn't tell him. Overall this book was wonderful because Roy,Beatrice,mullet fingers and kinda Dana for getting arrested which saved the owls.

                                                              Thanks for reading 

Monday, December 9, 2013

Loser book review

            We just completed our third novel. Loser is a book by Award Winner Jerry Spinelli. The main character in the novel is Zinkoff. One word to describe him would be clumsy because he fell over a lot in the book. Some settings in the story is the school and Zinkoff's house and the alleys. Zinkoff left his house on the first day of first grade before his mom got down stairs because he was so happy Zinkoff's dad made a day called bring Zinkoff to work day. Zinkoff saw the waiting man. Zinkoff did not want to go to school because no one wanted him on their team. so he did not go to school, Instead he went to an old lady's house and at a peanut butter and pretend jelly and talked until school was out. Zinkoff looked and looked for Claudia, she is a little girl that is missing. he looked for her for 7 hours but never found her. The best part was when Zinkoff would not stop looking for Claudia. Zinkoff had many character traits one of them is proud to be himself. I dident like how the book need because all the Arthur says is " and the game begins" it don't say he dose good at the game or bad at the game. 

                                                     Thank you for reading


Friday, November 15, 2013

Here's the scoop

      Today is Friday , November 15, 2013 and the wether is getting realy cold . We have been working really hard on math . The number of the is 33 in order to do the number of the day you tack the number and you can draw pictures or add , subtract , or divide.  
      Mrs Binge's 6th grade class is selling snack passes for a dollar . You bring a dollar to school and give it to the girls that come and they give you a gum pass or a snack pass you choose but you have to bring your own snack . The money they raise goes to Growing Strong and Habitat for Hamanity.
              Congratulations to the students that made the basketball team in are class ; Tyler, Kaderius, Jacobe, Jahmel, Kamilian and Trelyn. Their first game is Tuesday at the DISC at 3:45. 
             Our next States test is Wednesday, November 20, 2013. I am sure I will do great I got a 78%. 
       Have also been studying lots of vocabulary words. Each week and make flashcards,work  on sentences graphic organizers and made videos with our with iPads. My favorite word we've learned so far is post test. The defnition is a test after a the real test to see what is known. 
Our holiday program is the December 12  at 12:45. The 5th graders will be singing Jingle Bell Rock and We Will Jingle. 
            In Reading we are reading a book called Loser is about a boy who wants to be like his dad raises his hand with all the wrong answers want to be a superhero and is never sad and less he really wants to do something I like this book because it is funny a good story. 

                Thank you for reading

Friday, November 8, 2013

My cats are not mean

   I have many cats 
   But they realy hate bats 
    I love putting hats on my cats 
    I see my cats running after rats 
    My cat sat on a mat 

     My cats are nice 
     They would never eat rice
     They are always looking for mice
     They like to skate on ice
     They slice there mice 
     They will never like beans
      I treat them like queens
      They like to see the T.V screen
      They don't like teens
      They are really not mean


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Shiloh book review

Today is Thursday October 24, 2013. We have just completed our novel Shiloh. The protagonist in the book is Marty a protagonist is the main character. The antagonist in the book Shiloh is Judd. An antagonist is the person that fights agints the main character. The main conflict in the story is when marty goes to Judd's house and on the way he sees Judd shoot a doe out of season. And told Judd  if you don't let me get Shiloh  I will  tell on you. The resolution of Shiloh  is Marty worked for judd  so he could get Shiloh. My favorite part of the book is that after Marty worked for Judd  he cave Marty a collar for Shiloh. If I could be any one in the book it wold be Shiloh because he was saved by Marty and was realy nice plus  I always wanted to be a dog to see if it was cool it is. I would recommend this book to a nother student because it tells you to never give up on some thing. Marty never stopped trying to get Shiloh.

       THANKS FOR READING MY BLOG !!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 7, 2013

5th grade wonders news

Today is October 4 , 2013 it has been a great week . I did not so good on my states test . I will continue working on my states . The one thing that is hard about states is that you need to remeber every state and were it gose . In math we have been working on place value . I think it is very easy because all you need to do is remeber it . We worked on itunes u with Mrs. Ellis in math . I realy love it . The most interesting thing about itunes u is that it takes you were ever you need to go .

We started a new novel called shiloh . It is about a boy how found a dog that was being aboused and not feed so he keep the dog hidden from the owner . The thing I like so far about the novel is that marty is helping the dog . Judd the owner of the dog is abousing him. Marty is very nice because he is helping a dog in need .

October is breast cancer awareness month . I looked it up and found out that a new report shows that the number of black women who are diagnosed with breast cancer is on the rise , but doctors are not sure what is causing the increased numbers . About 232000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013 according to government statistics . More than 39000 women are expected to die from the disease this year grades come out in a couple of weeks I am sure I will get great grades because I only have a few bad papers .


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Maniac Maggie

Hello ! We read the book Maniac  Magee . It was a great book .  In the beginning , his parents died leaving Maniac an orphan . Maniac  was really sad then And  ran away .  He came to two mills that was separated white and black . He meet a black girl named Amanda. Grayson found maniac sleeping by the buffalo pen . A few months later Grayson died . Maniac never wanted any one to care for him .  In the end he found Amanda again and she made him come to his new home . A few things about maniac is he is brave because  he went in Finsterwals back yard , he is the meanest person in town . He is nice because he helped Amanda fix her book .  He is so fast he beat a dog .  I am nice like maniac but not so brave .  I love to run like him . If I could save any one out of the book it would be mars bar because he was evil and mean at first but then he all most died because he was trying to save piper . After that he was a pretty nice guy . I had to leave my friend  because she got in trouble for coming over because she would have to sneak  over . If I could change any thing I would of had the book stay the same . If Maniac came in my class I thing he would be happy because we read his great book . I learned that no matter what color you are you are Special .